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Post-Tucson Mineral Treats. April 6, 2017 - Each year, we prep new minerals Post-Tucson Show of some newly acquired specimens and classic crystals from our showroom. Enjoy the first of these updates of worldwide minerals.

Melanite Garnet Crystals and Mineral Specimens

This is the end of our Melanite Garnet Mineral Specimens virtual gallery page. To see more garnet photos, just select another item category from the table below. To see photos of another mineral variety, select any item category link in our Mineral Inventory & Factsheet Index.

Mineral Specimens from the United States Gallery M&W Minerals

5905 Aegirine variety: Acmite with probable Actinolite and Feldspar. Kimzey Calcite Quarry, Magnet Cove, Hot Spring Co., Arkansas from the Jim Davis Estate, 1991 6.5 x 4.4 x 4.5 cm $25. 5910 Agate with Quartz/Amethyst Crystals. Dryhead Agate Mine, Bighorn River area, Pryor Mts, Carbon Co., Montana

Minerals Gallery - Smithsonian Institution

Actinolite; Adamite; Aegirine with orthoclase; Afghanite with calcite; Agate; Almandine schist; Anatase; Andalusite with quartz, muscovite, and biotite; Apatite with ...

Mineral Gallery - Rock Hound Kids - Rocks, Minerals ...

Rock and mineral kits, and fossil kits are a great way for kids to actually get their hands on these specimens. Rock hound kids will be able to have a collection of rocks and minerals including amethyst, quartz, pyrite, geode, calcite, and many others.

Mineral Specimens - Earth Gallery

We carry a large variety of minerals and mineral specimens from around the world. From beautiful Australian opals and rough purple tanzanite to bi-colored and watermelon tourmaline. Stunning spectrolite and labradorite, sugilite and wulfenite, lapis and chrysacolla, we have it all. We have many specimens from old collections as well. When thinking of healing stones, many people think of quartz.

Hummingbird Minerals -Collectible Mineral Specimens

Hummingbird Minerals is always interested in purchasing or taking on consignment a fine mineral collection or high quality individual rock, mineral and crystal specimens for resale. If you are interested - please forward a description of your collection with sample photos to:

The Khyber Mineral Company- Mineral Specimens for Sale ...

A selection of over 90 specimens, all but a couple under $100 and most under $70. (New specimens are on first TWO PAGES and have stock numbers beginning with CMC) May 25, 2015- Thumbnails! A selection of 48 thumbnail specimens from around the world, from common species to rare ones, in all price ranges. May 10, 2015- Plumbogummite ps. Pyromorphite!

Minerals and Gems | Smithsonian Institution

The Smithsonian's mineral and gem collection at the National Museum of Natural History consists of approximately 350,000 mineral specimens and 10,000 gems, making it one of the largest of its kind in the world. Along with the specimens highlighted here, the world-famous Hope Diamond and hundreds of other spectacular items from the collection can be seen in the Smithsonian GeoGallery.

Geode Gallery

A direct-from-the-source provider of quality geode and mineral specimens since 1995, Geode Gallery LLC is based in Davenport, Iowa and is managed by Mike Sandstrom, who collected his first geode at the age of 8.Today, Mike maintains the Geode Gallery website, travels to rock, gem, and mineral shows across the country, and is in his 24th year of actively mining Keokuk geodes, the Geode Gallery ...

The Arkenstone - Fine Minerals from Robert ...

It doesn't take long to realize why these fine mineral specimens are true treasures and prime examples of natural art. Browse New Specimens for Sale. The New Arkenstone Gallery Our new gallery space in Dallas has over 7,000 square feet of mineral displays in our new showroom. Take a Tour.

The Gallery of Minerals With Pictures and Descriptions.

Quartz is one of the most common of all minerals that make up the continental crust. It is found in igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks. It is associated with many valuable ore deposits as well. Amethyst is a variety of quartz and owes its purple color to the presence of iron. It is composed of silicone dioxide SiO 2.: Rose Quartz is a variety of quartz and owes its pink color to the ...

Lapis Lazuli Mineral Specimens

The ® Virtual Gallery - Collector Quality Natural Lapis Lazuli Mineral Specimens At Miners' Prices! TM Lapis Lazuli Mineral Specimens (natural color) Try our natural color Lapis Lazuli Specimens Satisfaction Guarantee - compare our lapis lazuli decorator specimen prices and our superior quality.. Click on any natural lapis lazuli mineral specimen image below to enlarge it.

Fine Minerals from Exceptional Minerals

Past Mineral Updates for Your Viewing Pleasure. The KEYSTONE ROOMS are UPDATED! All Three Keystone Showrooms are Restocked on Sale! (During this special sale, all Items are discounted by 50% off the Original Prices!) Featuring Huge Discounts on High Quality Showroom Mineral Specimens! KEYSTONE ROOM 1 KEYSTONE ROOM 2. KEYSTONE ROOM 3

Miners Gallery - crystals, mineral specimens, lapidary ...

Welcome to Miners Gallery Home of fine minerals, rock specimens, lapidary slabs, colored gems, crystals, minerals and metals from around the world. AAA-This office will be closed for processing orders from Saturday 06/13/20 through Monday 06/22/20.


Clearance Mineral Specimens. All minerals in this gallery have been marked-down at least 50% from their original price . Return to Mineral Specimen Galleries : click on image for larger view. AD-097 Opal $60. Yowah Opal Field, Queensland, Australia. 7.4 x 6.3 x 3 cm. This striking specimen of "Yowah Nut" Opal consists of an ironstone nodule ...

The Mineral Gallery of Fine Mineral Specimens - Art ...

The Mineral Gallery of Fine Mineral Specimens, Mobile, Alabama. 55,719 likes · 324 talking about this. Online since 1997, The Mineral Gallery specializes in offering fine mineral specimens from...

Mineral Specimens - Mystical Earth Gallery

Mystical Earth Gallery, located in Menasha, Wisconsin, is a high-end dealer in fine mineral specimens from around the world. In addition to mineral specimens, we also offer healing crystals, spiritual minerals, mineral jewelry, mineral gemstones, fossil specimens, healing stones, and metaphysical minerals and metaphysical crystals for meditation.

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Over 23 years on line. Our last Update is Ste. Marie Virtual starting on June 22 at 16:00 and ending on June 27! Meanwhile new specimens continue to be offered periodically at Express Minerals. Shows that we attend. We are working at the Ste. Marie Virtual Show. Use this link if you want to know more

The Smithsonian Gem and Mineral Collection | Research & News

However, when they walk into the galleries and see the beautifully formed crystals and extraordinary colors of the exhibit's mineral specimens, they experience what he calls "a-ha moments." To illustrate, he cradles a spectacular specimen from Zambia—multiple emerald crystals still embedded in their surrounding matrix.

The Mineral Gallery of Fine Mineral Specimens - Art ...

The Mineral Gallery of Fine Mineral Specimens, Mobile, Alabama. 56,303 likes · 601 talking about this. Online since 1997, The Mineral Gallery specializes in offering fine mineral specimens from...

The Gallery - Wilensky Minerals

When mineral collectors assess a Copper specimen there are basically two localities that are used as the ultimate examples; The Copper mines of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and the Ray Mine in Arizona. Michigan produced an amazing array of fabulous Copper specimens over the past century.

Fine Minerals, Gems, Fossils, and Unique Gifts

Fine Minerals, Gems, Fossils, and Unique Gifts Custom Jewelry and Lapidary, Cutting and Carving Rough The only full service rock shop in the Dallas - Fort Worth area "Amazing specimens; many beautiful cabs and polished stones; some finished jewelry and stones ready to set. Donald will do custom lapidary work for you.

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With over 45 years in the mineral business, we are known not only for our fine specimens, but also for our reputation of honesty and integrity. Our aim is to help you build your mineral collection, indulge in your passion, and bring you minerals to enjoy! Dona and Wayne Leicht. Kristalle, est. 1971

Fine Mineral Specimens for Sale

Minerals. WELCOME TO OUR MINERAL GALLERY Greenstone Fine Mineralia specializes in fine mineral specimens with great color and aesthetics, and we always try to find specimens that are unique, unusual, or otherwise extraordinary. Here you will find fine minerals from around the world and of many different species including fluorite, rhodochrosite ...

M & W Minerals Fine Mineral Specimens

Number of minerals currently for sale on the website: 2364 which includes 803 specimens with individual web pages, 761 thumbnail specimens and 801 on the galleries of mineral specimens priced under 25 dollars. Minerals sold on the website (first sale 12/5/09): 13,137. All Prices are in US Dollars

Mixed Minerals - Gallery of Mineral Specimens for Sale

This gallery contains mineral specimens for sale including acanthite, argyrodite, arsenic, atacamite, beryl, and cassiterite from places like Guanajua

Colorado Gem & Mineral Co.

Welcome to the website of Colorado Gem and Mineral Co. We offer crystalized minerals, gems and collectibles (from deer antlers to seashells and fossils) in all price ranges, at affordable prices and we've been in business for 40+ years. We keep costs down by not having a …